The Kelly Family - fan page

The band's members

A little about each one of the 9 siblings who were part of the band when it was most famous around Europe.

2011 - promises for Paddy fans?

Is there hope for Paddy fans to see him singing in regular concerts again? Visit the news-blog.

Official videos

Some of the official videos were posted. I put all the videos I could remember for now, but I'm sure I left some behind. Plese link other videos to me. I'll post them and say who suggested. Also, I'll post live videos. Suggest some rare videos, or with good image and sound quality. Watch the first videos here.


Every now and then I'll post new pictures for you, and I'll always let you know here in the homepage. Check out the first ones there!

History update

Check out the history of the band. The text is from wikipedia, in Portuguese.
It is not very new because it was copied from the old blog.

New post in the blog!

Just telling a little about myself and what's the blog about! Check it here.

About me, Juliana

Hey there, this one on the picture is me, Juliana. I'm the one who organizes the blog, but you are the one that can make it better. Give me ideas of what you want to see in the blog, and we'll make it happen! Suggest here.